Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Contribution of Comparative Law from Asian / African Angle to Global Theory.In relation to the interview with Jay Griffiths (2007) and the article ‘Beyond Europe’ by Werner Menski (in Orucu and Nelken, 2007), issues within the context of comparative law in global development will be identified and discussed. Furthermore, the different opinions of authors with regards to how comparative law from Asian and African angle contribute to the development of global theory will be tackled in details. In the process of going through the discussion, facts against theory will be compared and contrast before conducting a critical analysis for conclusion followed by stating some recommended strategies on how we can improve the process of global development and international law. Comparative law has a significant relationship with global productivity in the sense that the ‘international’ business law is very much similar to the comparative law. Similar to business law, comparative law also studies the relationship between domestic law and international business3. Based on a business point-of-view, comparative law seeks to identify and compare the legal and regulatory business environment of each target foreign country. Specifically in the article comparative law beyond Europe, Menski (2007) mentioned that the “Asian, African, and other non-Western legal systems are inherently more attuned than Western legal systems of the intellectual and practical challenges of comparative law and legal pluralism”4. It means that there is a possibility for scholars to easily understand the Asian, African, and other non-Western legal systems since the differences in religious laws and other existing laws has a significant impact over the development of business laws in Asian, African, and other non-Western countries5.

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