Final Project Instructions: Develop a project/presentation of 750 to 1000 words minimum/maximum (or the equivalent). You will either have a creative presentation with an explanatory paragraph to explain what you’ve done, or you can opt for a more traditional essay based on thematic analysis.
This assignment is due Sunday of Week 8
Project include:
1. An epic is meant to celebrate the birth of a strong nation. In the style of Spenser or Milton, write the start of your own epic about America. Include these epic conventions: in medias res, invocation of the muse, thrice repetition, and elevated style. In your explanatory paragraph, explain how your inspiration piece used these elements.
You are encouraged to be creative, but you must also demonstrate your close knowledge of the original text. Ideally, you will use direct quotes from your inspiration text(s).
Note that creative assignments should include an explanatory paragraph at the beginning to explain your choices. Also, all MLA rules should be followed to include quoting when appropriate with in-text citations and a works cited section.