8 (18.00%) – 20 (20.00%)
Promotes further discussion on the subject matter through thought-provoking peer responses; demonstrates depth of analysis of topic and peer’s post; reveals evident reliance on the primary sources.
Points Range:16 (16.00%) – 17.8 (17.80%)
Promotes further discussion on the subject matter through meaningful comments that demonstrate understanding of topic and peer’s post.
Paragraph A:
In Nuñez’s conclusion, she says that working at Mcdonalds has taught her many things, stating, “The most important thing I’ve learned is that you have to start from the bottom and work your way up.” Earlier in her passage, she talks about how each employee must learn to work every station, from the frier to the grill, and work your way up to register. Every employee after a six month marking period must have a good review to receive a raise and sometimes even a promotion. This supporting Nuñez’s conclusion on how hard work and dedication will help you achieve higher roles in life.
Paragraph B:
It was on the day of my 16th birthday that I decided to go get a job. I just moved from Florida to North Carolina and their age requirements were two years more than the age you were allowed to work in Florida, that meaning I had to wait even longer to get a real job. Now the day was finally here, I lived in a smaller town than I was used too, so I applied everywhere that was close by. A pizza hut just had opened up on the main street where most of the fast-food or small restaurants were. Even though I was nervous I walked into pizza hut, asked to speak with the manager, and spoke with the most confidence. I was hired on the spot and there began my new chapter in life in the work field. I learned a lot being a waitress, a lot of those skills I use in everyday life. How to handle and adequately deal with people’s orders and money, to be quick on my feet, and to accommodate every customer’s needs. At least to say my social skills have improved tremendously from being a server in the food industry.