Note:Be sure to use the outline format that was provided.  Illiteracy in children is a good topic.  Be sure to use in-text citations for all paraphrased information.
Please complete the first draft of the essay based on my notes from your outline.
Length:  2 full pages, at least 5 paragraphs or more.
Concept Outline
Concepts are usually referred to as abstract form of ideas or even general notions which take place in the mind as well as speech or even thought. They are usually comprehended to be as the fundamental building blocks associated with thoughts as well as beliefs. They play a key role in all the identified aspects associated with cognition (Michael & Wright, 2017). The following essay offers a concept Outline for the topic of illiteracy in children and students.
The article will be based on facts and ideas from research papers and journal articles on the issue of illiteracy among students as well as children. This persuasive essay entails definition along with situations, solutions and causes.
In this part, there will be an introducing statement on the issue of illiteracy in the current era along with the manner in which it is affecting people in terms of increment of poverty along with corruption increment and unemployment rate. It also offers a comprehensive analysis of how the essay will be developed for easier understanding of the issue.
Body of the Concept
The body will entail he definition of the term illiteracy as well as the prevalence of the issue among the children along with students. Nonetheless, causes of illiteracy will be thoroughly analyzed along with comprehensively illustrated for easier understanding of all the root causes of the issue. Solutions to all the causes that are discussed throughout the essay will be analyzed for mitigating the issues associated with stopping illiteracy (In Ashton & In Beecher, 2014).


The part concludes the whole essay by restating the thesis statement as well as summarizing every point that was illustrated in the entire essay. It emphasizes on the need to have comprehensive strategies for reducing illiteracy.
In Ashton, J., In Arthur, L., & In Beecher, B. (2014). Diverse literacies in early childhood: A social justice approach.
Michael, J. A., Cliff, W., McFarland, J., Modell, H. I., & Wright, A. (2017). The core concepts of physiology: A new paradigm for teaching physiology.