Project Overview

In this project, you will write an informational white paper and create a presentation on citation ethics. In the white paper, you will make an argument about a topic using the formatting conventions of your chosen citation style. In the presentation, you will explain the ethical and practical importance of citing and attributing sources of information. The ability to write clearly using a professional format will make you a reputable and trusted source of information to any employer.


In this project, you will master the following competency:

  • Apply professional writing conventions to a piece of writing


You work for Acme Widget Company, an online business that sells toys, games, bicycles, sporting goods, and footwear.
Acme would like more people to visit its website. One of your coworkers suggested that employees write white papers. White papers are concise reports on different topics that are often published online to help people to understand complex topics.
The company’s founder, Winnie Widget, loves the idea and made a list of potential topics for employees to write about. She thinks that publishing white papers on Acme’s website will help build the company’s reputation. She wants Acme to be seen as a thought leader—a company that people think of as knowledgeable and influential in its field.


Informational White Paper

You have been asked to write a white paper about a topic related to the company.
Review Winnie Widget’s List of Potential Topics, which is also linked in the “Supporting Materials” section. Then, choose a topic to write about.
Note: You may research a topic not included on Winnie Widget’s list. Remember that if you conduct your own research, you will need to cite your sources and make sure that your sources are reputable and authoritative.
Once you pick a topic, write an informational white paper (250–500 words or about 1–2 pages) about your topic. In your white paper, make a clear argument about the topic and use at least three sources of information to support your claims. Your white paper should be clear, organized, and use professional language.
Then, select a citation style for your report and follow all the formatting conventions of that style. You may choose one of the following:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago

Be sure to cite at least three sources in your white paper. For each one, provide appropriate internal citations and references. You should also format your paper according to the chosen citation style.

Presentation on Citation Ethics

Some of your coworkers submitted their white papers without any citations. Hoping to help her employees understand the importance of citing sources, Winnie Widget has asked for your help.
She wants you to create a 5–7 slide presentation with speaker notes on citation ethics and the practical reasons for using citations properly. In your presentation, be sure to explain the following:

  • The ethical reasons for citation and attribution. Why is it ethically important to cite sources?
  • The practical uses and benefits of citation and attribution. Why is it helpful to cite sources?

Ms. Widget plans to show this presentation to future employees, so she has also asked you to include detailed speaker notes for each slide. Review the Presentation Guide in the “Supporting Materials” section for information on creating high-quality presentations.
Remember that, in your presentation, all your sources of information must be cited. You should choose one citation style with no major errors.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

  1. Informational White Paper
    Write a 1–2 page (250–500 words) informational white paper about your selected topic. You can choose a topic from Winnie Widget’s List of Potential Topics or one of your own choosing. In your white paper, you make a clear argument about a topic and use at least three sources of information as evidence. Be sure to correctly cite all sources and format your paper according to the citation style you chose.
  2. Presentation on Citation Ethics
    Create a short presentation (5–7 slides with speaker notes) on the ethical and practical reasons for citing sources correctly. If you need help creating your presentation, use the Presentation Guide in the “Supporting Materials” section.