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Project 2: Technical Description
Choose an Object
Select an object with which you are familiar and one with which you can physically interact while
you work on your project. Consider something that you use in your field of study, workplace, or
a hobby or leisure activity you enjoy.
Collect Information
Draw on your own knowledge and experience with the object as well as direct observations.
You may conduct secondary research, but it is not required. If you do secondary research, cite
the words and ideas of others clearly and accurately in a reference section at the end of your
Write a Mechanism Description
Your audience for this document is people who want to use the object you have selected.
Consider why they might want to have or use the object and what they need to know about it.
Write a description that explains the object’s physical appearance, overall function or purpose,
component parts, and how the component parts function as a whole.
Design Your Document
Your technical description will include some conventional elements, but it will not adhere to a
particular format. Rather, you should design your document to be attractive and easy to read.
Include subject headings, white space, and graphics in ways that can help your reader
understand and use your document. You may create your own images, such as charts,
diagrams, or photographs, or find appropriate images on the web. Cite the source of any
graphics that you do not create yourself.
Grading Criteria
The specific rubric for evaluating this project is on page 2 of this document. Use it as a checklist
for evaluating your own work before you submit it to be graded.
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Category & Points
Title and Definition
15 points
• Title identifies the specific subject to be described
• Introduction states purpose of document
• Defines subject and its importance
40 points
• Logically organizes description of physical features and
• Defines each component part clearly
• Uses vivid and specific details
• Uses simple, direct, and concise sentences
15 points
• Describes the subject in operation
• Adds explanation of how the object functions as whole, if
not fully explained earlier in document
• Offers useful information based on document’s purpose
(such as availability, costs, or warnings)
Document Design
20 points
• Uses effective typefaces, type sizes, line spacing and
• Provides useful headings to guide reader
• Uses style and design features consistently
• Uses graphics appropriately to illustrate description
Grammar and
10 points
• Clear and correct sentence structure
• Free of errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuati

English homework help