English homework help. In the following sentences, identify all main clauses by underlining them once and all subordinate clauses by circling them or using a parenthesis. Remember that you could have a subordinate clause within a main clause. SUBMIT ONLY IN WORD FORMAT. 

1 In April 2005, people in Hamburg, Germany, reported that toads had begun to explode in a local pond.

2 The toads’ intestines were being propelled up to three feet away, but no one knew why.

3 Because so many toads had begun to swell and burst apart, the residents started calling the place “The Pond of Death.”

4 Soon toads began to explode in a nearby lake across the border in Denmark.

5 Scientists who investigated the phenomenon wondered if the pond water contained a virus or fungus that was infecting the toads; however, tests revealed no evidence of disease in the toads or water.

6 Finally, a German scientist discovered the cause.

7 Hungry crows had developed a taste for toad livers.

8 They would attack a toad between its chest and abdominal cavity in order to peck out the liver; in addition, they were teaching other crows the trick.

9 When the toads would inflate their bodies in defense, the hole and missing liver led to a rupture of their blood vessels and lungs.

10 According to one veterinarian, such behavior is not unusual, although its occurrence in a populated area is not common.

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