Students are required to write a research paper on a current member of the U.S. Senate outside the state of Texas
Paper Guidelines
 The paper must be uploaded using one of these file types: Microsoft Word or PDF
 The paper must be 3 to 4 pages in length not including the cover sheet and Works Cited page.
 All characters must be typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font.
 All lines must be double-spaced and include one-inch margins (top to bottom and left to right).
 The paper must be written in the following order:
1. Cover sheet a. Your name b. U.S. Senator Paper c. Government 2305 d. Date
2. Body a. Introductory paragraph b. Provide a biography of the senator. c. Describe the demographics, geography, and economy of the senator’s home state. d. Provide a summary of three bills the senator either sponsored or co-sponsored during the current 116th or 115th congressional session (January 2017 thru present). e. Describe committees the senator is currently a member of, such as the subject matter of legislation the committee oversees. f. Name three groups, industries, or individuals that have donated money to the senator, and the amounts. g. Conclusion paragraph
3. Sources/Works Cited Page: The paper must include a minimum of five sources and use in-text citations within the paper using MLA. Also, the sources must be fully documented on a separate “Works Cited Page” using MLA. Page 7
4. The following sources are prohibited for use in the paper: Wikipedia, the class textbook, and using the same source more than once. For the “same source more than once” restriction, this means that if you use an article from the Houston Chronicle then you can’t use another article from the Houston Chronicle. This rule is intended to require students to use a diversity of sources.