Engineering homework help. If the meteorite struck the car with a speed of 550 m/s, what was the magnitude of its deceleration, assuming it to be constant? X v0 = 550 m/s Original top of car trunk Draw a simple diagram showing the meteors starting and ending points and the origin and direction of increase of your coordinate system. Write out the values of the known and solve variables. Known: Solve: v0 = 550 m/s a=? V = 0 m/s x = 0.22 m What is the variable Not Involved? 2 v 2 = v0 + 2ax 2 v 2 V0 = 2ax 2 v 2 Which kinematic equation does that suggest that you should use? Solve that kinematic equation for the variable of interest? Plug in the known values and solve for the desired quantity?

Engineering homework help