Engineering homework help. how do I know which way to calculate uncertaintyDoi use propagation of error and use partial differential?I get 3 different answers for uncertainty. Which one is best and how do I know which to useEd? xe) By direct integration, find (t)Discuss these results. (Ans.: <t> measured = tdead + <>actual )The differential equation describing a mass oscillating on a spring is:measuredconstant in order for this to be a correct solution of the differential equation.equation and, in the process, find out how @ must depend on the mass and the springa) Show that x = A eit is a solution to this differential equation by plugging it into thet dead12 + kx =0, where x is the position of the mass m, and k is the spring constant.b) If m = 0.040 + 0.005 kg, and k = 21.2 + 1.1 N/m, find the value and uncertainty of @.time between events, for a detector with a dead time of tdead. Note: you first need to findA, the new normalization constant for the modified distribution, using 1= Are-"dtents, with an ideal detector ( where tdead = Os).Atre-"dt , the measured value of the averaget deadOo

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