1) Watch the following video: Search for Super battery
2) Answer the questions in word file and upload it.

Search for the super battery


  • What is the main limitation currently in using renewable energy sources?


  • What is the main factor stopping us from switching standard automobiles to greener electric ones?


  • What are the components of a battery?


  • How many aluminum can batteries are required to charge a phone?


  • What are the important criteria for next generation battery?


  • What car model did Jay Leno drive in this video? What was its maximum speed?


  • In USA, transportation accounts for ____________ of all greenhouse emissions.


  • ________% of transportation fuel is gasoline.


  • Which cellphone manufacturer recalled smartphones because of malfunctioning battery?


  • What is main problem in recharging Lithium ion battery?


  • What will be the size of battery to be manufactured in Tesla’s gigafactory?


  • How much pounds of force was applied during crush test of battery?


  • When lithium-ion battery uncontrollably overheats, it is called __________________


  • Leanna and Josh show 2 videos of batteries being _______________________ and ___________________.


  • In the video, what is referred to as the largest battery?


  • What are the different methods shown in the video for grid energy storage?