Education homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Politics of Travel.The purpose of the article is to spread awareness about the ways, tourism can harm the traditions and resources of a country. Every tourism agency focuses on attracting tourists to their country, while they should also be educating tourists on how they can be respectful towards the resources of the country they are visiting and not waste water or electricity, while they are on the tour.The audience for this article are tourists, who move from country to country in order to explore different places. However, if we go deeper into the article, the audience is also the tourism authorities of the country, who should make sure that whenever people come from other countries, they don’t waste country’s resources, tourism doesn’t become the reason for reservoirs being damaged or crops being destroyed. It is for the tourists to understand that they need to make better choices when they are traveling to someplace.The thesis statement of the article is in its introductory paragraph, which states that “Tourism has seriously damaged, fragile ecosystems like the Alps-the winter skiing playground of Europe-and the trekking areas of the Himalayas.The writer begins by directly stating the problem which would be discussed in the article, tourism. The writer then defines and generalizes the different areas of the world which are threatened by tourism like the areas of Himalayas, dunes, mangroves, and forests. The writer then changes his point from areas to how tourists are wasting water of the countries they visit and how this water is not available to the locals of the village. Moreover, the writer links water with electricity, as there are luxury hotels built for tourists, in which they stay. for hot water, electricity is consumed too.

Education homework help