The purpose of this Final Paper is for you to define and apply the topic you found most interesting and applicable to your career. Choose from below topics (note this aligns with each week of the course). The topic must be one of the topics below from the course or you will receive zero credit for this assignment.
1. Financial Management, Firms & Financial Markets, Understanding Financial Statements, Tax & Cash Flows
2. Operations Management: Financial Dimensions, Financial Analysis
3. Financial Merchandise Management, Pricing in Retailing
4. Mergers and Acquisitions
5. Time Value of Money, Introduction to Risk and Return
6. Investment Decision Criteria, Analyzing Project Cash Flows
7. Financial Forecasting and Planning
Write a 4 page paper discussing how and why the concepts you learned in that week are important to business. A cover page and reference page must be included but are not part of the 6 page requirement.
Your essay should include a minimum of 3-4 scholarly resources.
Make sure you address the following questions for the topic you chose.
1) What were the key concepts from the topic you chose?
2) How are those concepts relevant to the retail industry? Please thoroughly explain why they are relevant to the retail industry and use specific examples.
3) How will the concepts you learned allow you to make better decisions in current or future roles in retail or any other industry?
4) What are some of the key business challenges?
5) How can you effectively overcome those challenges?