Education homework help. Write a 5 page essay on Qualitative analysis using the transcript provided.In this paper, the approach to analysing findings gathered through an interview and a presentation and analysis of the findings are presented.The overall approach to analysis data was based on content analysis. This was used for its advantage of analysing the outcome of interviews in its most natural way in which it was gathered (Bowling, 2009). There were three major stages involved in the content analysis procedure, all of which have been vividly presented below.Segmentation was a process that helped the researcher in coming out with categories based on which subsequent codes will be constructed. The segments were therefore broad categorisation of meanings from the content of the interview (Hennick, 2011). For form the segmentations, three major rules were set. The first rule was that an interview question was a fixed category and the question order was not relevant. Second, the meaning of analysis gained from direct answering to the question was a category. Third, a follow up question or follow up answer was considered a separate category. Based on these rules, three major categories representing three non-recurring segments were constructed. These categories also served as themes for analysis in the subsequent section where the findings are presented and discussed.Based on the broad segmentations, it was necessary to have a coding process which highlighted key words and put them in appropriate categories based on the segmentation done earlier. In effect, whereas the segments or categories were broader themes, the codes were key words that reflected each category (Braun and Clarke, 2013). To get the most appropriate codes, rules were set in identifying key words that were most relevant to segments. Generally, the codes were named units. The first rule was that words that had same meaning with component words in the

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