Compose a 1500 words assignment on the under-representation of women in the german literary canon. Needs to be plagiarism free! The 3 works of literature of the venerated authors are critiqued and analyzed aptly for an effectual understanding of the need for egalitarianism.Bachmann Ingeborg studied philosophy, German philology, law and philosophy and was born in Australia. She learned literature through a job as a writer and editor at a radio station. In her book, A Step towards Gomorrah talks about a relationship involving lesbians, which is subjected to Australian gender roles. Bachmann writes how women were confined to World War 2 gender and marriage ideals. The core character is Franz, Charlotte’s husband, who is practicing the customary gender conforms. Charlotte experiences hardship in the system and makes up her mind to escape the system by being a lesbian.During the period of post WW2, men still dominated and were leaders of the family whilst the women were still subjective to man. Franz depicts in a way men behaved throughout the period, which Charlotte also finds reassuring. Interestingly, Charlotte undermines her female counterparts and regards them as inferior to men in society.Although the developing attitude seems to be against her wish and anticipation, she could not help it. She perceives women as weak beings who are unable to match men’s strength. Charlotte fails to participate fully in making decisions for the family and lets her husband make decisions such as decorating the apartments. since she assumed that she was incapable of taking control of the family affair. Bachmann proves the inferiority of women when Charlotte plays her role as ‘dominant man’ to her female partner Mara. Moreover, she denies the fact that she is married to Franz and makes up her mind to subsist with her girlfriend perpetually. Bachmann affirms the obscurity women faced at the time in his narration of lesbianism relationship.In her literary work, we are able to see what will possibly happen when gender roles are broken.&nbsp.

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