Write a 4 page essay on Ethical Dilemma in Admission Criteria for Nursing School.This paper stresses that&nbsp.the dilemma concerning students’ perspective in admission into nursing schools are caused by costs, expected benefits, and the lengthy of the application process. Nursing education requires a variety of technology and equipment for study. These equipments are costly to buy and maintain. As a result, the institutions of nursing are forced to charge high fees to in order to cover the costs of buying learning equipment and paying highly specialized instructors. Students have to decide whether join or avoid the nursing school costs. Avoiding the costs may lead to short-run savings among the students, but they will miss the opportunities of reaping the long-run benefits from the nursing profession. Similarly, decision to join the college may be associated with a lot of sacrifice to meet the fees requirements.&nbsp.Thiis discussion highlights that&nbsp.students believe that nursing courses expose them to comparatively higher paying jobs. However, students are also aware pursuing nursing courses requires extensive reading and sacrificing. Interested students may not be able to decide whether to sacrifice their life for future greater benefits or avoid the pain associated with studying and use the time to study less demanding courses while simultaneously doing other income generating activities. Additionally, the process of joining nursing colleges is lengthy and expensive since students have to pass the stipulated preliminary tests.&nbsp.

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