Economics homework help. Write a 5 page essay on Independent project.Epistemology seeks out sources of knowledge that has logical application to the cognitive level of every researcher. Those who conduct an inquiry must endeavor to utilize processes as tools for investigation to clarify, justify, and rationalize a phenomenon (Goldman, 1986).Epistemologists usually adapt a normative action to socially theorize an event on its moral basis: is this objective or subjective? Is this deontological or consequentialist? Or, is this absolutist or pluralist? (Goldman, 1986 p.3) Researcher evaluates ideas and arguments, propositions and sentences in deductive or inductive logical processes. Hence, the epistemic component of the study relates to the inferences in the formation of belief or rational conclusions (Goldman, 1986). As such, social epistemology looks into the impact of different patterns in social interaction—its forms, styles, arguments, and the critical interfacing of facts, controversies, assumptions, and theoretical frameworks arising from a phenomenon under study.Heidegger explained that ontology is the doctrine of being and such has interrelation with phenomenology. Ontology explicates the nature of social reality, (Dreyfus & Wrathall, 2005) explores more assumptions, and the categorical character of the subject of research. The ontological side of the study focused on facticity. Researcher would therefore take into the process of engaging, approaching, explaining, questioning and accessing information to determine the subject’s facticity (Dreyfus, et. al., 2005). The epistemic and ontological component of research is often elaborated in related literatures and in the analysis.Methodology refers to systemic procedures on how a research should be undertaken and about how subject of the study is procedurally explicated– whether it’s qualitative, quantitative and mixed. Methodology also explains the kind of research instruments which will be utilized in generating and consolidating data or evidences.

Economics homework help