Economics homework help. Compose a 1000 words essay on A cultural experience. Needs to be plagiarism free!The Geography of China focuses on not only the position of China but also the enormous human source it has in the world. Located in South East Asia it is the third largest country in the world with 6.5% of land area and second largest in population. China has one more self importance in the world of history that is has the oldest civilization background tracing back to 3500 years. It is a mountainous country. Mountains and hills occupy 65% of the total area of China’s Landscape. China has lot of rivers and lakes Yangtze and The Yellow River are the most famous in the world. Nearly 95%of the population dwells in the North and South regions of China. The highest population count is in fact a strong supporting feature of China. The unity among the people had been a supreme cause in the development of China.Religion too has a great significance in China. Buddhism, though came from India initially, took its massive support only from China. As a result artistic and admirable monuments were built in order to set a strong belief in the Buddhist thought. Religion is cooperated with large family organizations. Either the father or husband takes care of the family. Children live with their parents till they get married. After getting married they will be shifted to a separate apartment.Coming to the food culture of China, they give importance to nutritional values. Colors seem to play an important role in the daily intake of China. Chinese associate colors with the main organs of the human body. Color, flavor, and smell have their equal partake and contribution in their food habits. They combine two to three colored ingredients such as green, light green, dark green, red, yellow, white etc added with sauces and cook.The Chinese had a strong traditional belief that type of food has medicinal values in it. A theory called “harmonization of foods” by Yi Yin reflects on the link between the five flavors and major organs of human body. They are sweet,

Economics homework help