Economics homework help. PODCAST:

  • The most brilliant idea needs motivations.
  • Your audience does not care about your topic.
  • You have 1 paragraph to change their minds
  • Make them count
  • Anecdotes
  • Facts
  • Policy questions


  • State a research question/several questions in the Podcast.
  • Example: Policy/counterfactual question: What would happen if…?
  • Estimate of an important “deep” parameter: how forward-looking are consumers?
  • Test of an important theoretical prediction…

This Podcast

  • Outline what your podcast is about and why?
  • Convey why you have something to add?
  • Assume the audience about to leave
  • Make sure they walk out with something
  • Be tangible but terse


  • Motivation
  • Context
  • Questions
  • Preview of Results
  • Main Contributions
  • Then Details


Economics homework help