? Course of Academic Writing Strategies ??Because it can be used as an advanced sources evaluation for the subsequent final research essay, if you write well, you can continue to write the final research essay recently.?First, you are to write a short paragraph outlining the topic you will address in your final essay (you can choose a topic to write on for the final project). At this early stage, you need not have a defined thesis. Rather describe the research question (the issue) you wish to pursue for your final paper and establish its significance to you. This section answers the following kinds of questions: What exactly do you want to study? Why is it an important issue to you and how familiar are you with the issue? Who is your intended (specialized) audience? The focus of this part of the assignment can be somewhat personal. Second, this assignment should give me a sense for your research abilities so take time to review and select material carefully. This section of your assignment demonstrates your ability to search for source material in databases for example. Ideally, the more academic your source material the better. For this reason, things like Encyclopaedias, textbooks, magazines, Google, etc. are not adequate. For the second part of the assignment, provide a list of 3 sources – at least two of which are scholarly, peer –reviewed journal articles. Other material you use might include  books, government documents and reports, materials from archives (maps, briefing notes, etc.), legal cases, interviews, etc. Provide a short summary of each source and explain why the sources are pertinent and credible for your purposes. Also, provide before each paragraph the correct citation for each source. This assignment should not exceed two pages (a short paragraph identifying your topic, three short paragraphs outlining each source)  The paper should be in APA format. Use Times New Roman 12 point font as your font type.

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