What do you think caused the housing crisis beginning in 2008?
Do you think a mortgage should require a down payment?  Explain why.*
If you were given ten billion dollars to create your own mortgage product, who would it be designed for and what would the basic criteria be?  For example, will there be limits for loan to value, a minimum credit score, down payment, etc and what would the limits be?*
Describe other criteria other than the credit score that you would use to determine a homebuyer’s readiness for homeownership.
Explain a Housing Ratio and Debt Ratio.*
If you see a customer who comes into the office without an appointment and all of the staff are busy except one who refuses to see them, what would you do?
Describe your writing, presentation and oral communication skills, as well as your ability to synthesize and translate complicated information into clear and compelling language.  Describe where you have used these that effectively demonstrate these skills.*
Since this position combines both counseling for low and moderate income people, advocacy, and mortgage origination, how would you accomplish these activities while closing a significant number of loans?*