Ecology homework help.

Week 7

Referring to the same novel health care product or service you came up with last week, (Green line marketing services)determine how you would assess demand for the product or service and the cost to produce your product or deliver your service. Also determine how you would establish a price.

  • Provide specific      examples and a rationale to support your response.
  • Describe a situation      that would require you to adapt the price of your product or service.
  • Consider the impact of      government and private payers on your pricing strategies. Provide specific      examples to support your response.

Week 8

Describe a health care provider with which you are familiar and discuss the function and flows that need to be performed by that provider’s marketing channel.

  • Provide specific examples      to support your response. (Again consider using the provider that you are      using in your assignments.)
  • Describe a realistic      situation that would call for channel conflict management and how that      conflict could be addressed. Provide specific examples to support your      response.

Week 9

se the health care provider selected to be the focus of your marketing plan and discuss the major elements making up their marketing communications process. From your discussion preparation research, determine the best method of setting a communications budget. Provide specific examples and a rationale to support your response.

Analyze the eight major steps in delivering effective communications for your chosen health care provider and outline the basics of an effective communications program, including recommendations for improvement. Explain your rationale.

Week 10

Select a health care provider with which you are familiar and determine the role of patient-centered care by that provider, its impact, and the best way for that provider to leverage or encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Include the role of the marketing department and recommendations for improvement.

Discuss the best way to leverage the latest electronic interactive direct-marketing tools in health care. Consider the role of social media. Is Facebook today’s form of word-of-mouth?

Week 10 part 2

  1. Read Are      You Tougher Than You Think? In this interview, Emilia Lahti      offers five specific actions you can take to build up Sisu in your      own life so that you can endure and even thrive in moments of extreme      stress.
  2. Pick one of the five actions and describe      how you will work to build your capacity to do this. How will cultivating      this specific action help you?

Ecology homework help