Earth Sciences homework help. BUS575 CLASS Week 6 reply each student 150 words.1. Michelle,Good post and thanks for sharing your insight.  Having stated British telecom uses Theory E what company do you see that uses Theory O?  Curious if you have any experience with either of these theories?  Your explanation of theories E & O are well explained and useful to any that take the time.Thank you.Michelle,2. I guess you are right in saying that employees cannot resist a theory E change. Theory E changes are hard changes which can affect the company and employees entirely. One of the main things organizations need to be leery of with implementing a change using theory E is the culture of their organization. I worked for a hospital who completely cut a nursing pool leaving hundreds of nurses without jobs within weeks notice. This left the organization distasteful to the thousands of employees still working there. Theory O changes are softer and seem to allow employees to resist more because they are more involved. Both changes are difficult and both require communication.3.Great Post!! I love the fact that you put that you do not agree with the scientific that they strive to prove god existence. You have to believe in god your self to know if he real or not you do not need no scientific for you to believe that. Overall, Great post Sam  4. I too am a firm believer in God, and believe that we were all created for a purpose as well as have a purpose here on earth. We create our own destiny, although I think that the science behind it all makes sense there just aren’t enough facts to back it up.

Earth Sciences homework help