Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is the role of british cinema critically examine the contemporary british film industry with reference to ongoing debates about culture and commerce. It is possible to explore these aspects when considering two films to be able to understand the role of the British film industry in the society.One of the major concerns of researchers and officials is the commercial value of the British film industry. It has been estimated that the UK film industry contributes over £4bn to the British economy annually (Statistical year book 2014). This is achieved through international investment and production grossing. In the first place, it is necessary to note that many British filmmakers “have complained that there is no UK ‘industry’ as such” (Branston & Stafford 2006, p. 437). Clearly, Hollywood is seen as a well-established and even exemplary film industry as it has penetrated the world as well as the British market. Consumers all over the world prefer Hollywood products (James 2009). At the same time, it is clear that Britain has also become an attractive destination for various foreign (especially American) companies. For instance, the country attracted more than £1bn in 2010 (Branston & Stafford 2006). This interest shows a great potential of the country and its film industry.To facilitate development of the UK film industry, the government implemented quite dramatic changes in the 2010s. For instance, the UK Film Council that functioned as a body supporting the development of the industry ceased to exist and the British Film Institute (FBI) is now performing its functions (Higson 2010). Thus, the government has launched a policy that is aimed at increasing funding of the industry.These changes and increased attention to the industry are also associated with a desire to contribute to development and promotion of the British culture. This is also regarded as a way to protect the country from globalisation and preserve its rich cultural heritage (Higson 2010). Of course, it is difficult to trace the line between commerce and culture especially when it comes to cinematography.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help