Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. I need some assistance with these assignment. the construction of the humber bridge Thank you in advance for the help! It was in the 1930s that plans for the bridge were drawn up but only in 1972 did work finally begin. Before the construction was the passage of the Humber Bridge Act in 1959, establishing the Humber Bridge Board for raising funds (Humber Bridge Board, 2009).There are two reasons for the construction of the Humber Bridge. The first of this is that a shifting bed and a navigable channel along which a craft can travel characterize the Humber, of which a suspension bridge without support piers in mid-stream allows no obstruction for the estuary. The second is that opting for a channel instead of a bridge (the Humber Bridge) would cost excessively due to the geology and topography of the area (Humber Bridge Board, 2009). The opportunity for commercial, industrial, and tourist development was given way through the construction of the Humber Bridge, which likewise saved several millions of vehicle miles between both sides of the Humber estuary (The Royal Academy of Engineering, 2003). These potential developments and financial savings serve as good justification for the construction of the Humber Bridge with huge cost investments, of which factored to such cost is the ongoing cost of maintenance and repair over the life span of the structure.It is important to mention that the Humber Estuary, across which now lies the Humber Bridge, had been a barrier to trade and development between the two banks whereby local interests were shown for over 100 years concerning the construction of either a bridge or a tunnel across it. It took eight years to finish work on the construction of the Humber Bridge project, during which several thousands of tons of steel and concrete were used with over a thousand workers and staff working on peak activities (ibid).The structural type of the Humber bridge construction is a suspension bridge that is gravity-anchored, asymmetric, and inclined-hanging with function/usage of a motorway or freeway bridge.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help