Discussion Board 1. This link below contain the Ebook:
Click ACC150 Online, then Part 1, then Chapter 1 (or Chapter 2), then prepare Chapter 1 (or Chapter 2)
Click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I4xyNAY4-Q&feature=youtu.be , and answer these questions:
What type of law was the business trying to change (statutory, common law, constitutional law or administrative law)?  How do you know this (what specific parts of the story indicate the type of law)? 
How does the law impact the business in the news story? 
Provide an example of how the law impacts you in either your personal life or in your work? Please note I am not referring to the law from the video news story but rather law generally impacts your life.  
Each student must post an answer to my question which would be your initial response (200-500 words in length) and contain two references to the textbook readings. If you are using the online version of the textbook, please include the section number of the topic from the book along with a paragraph number (such as “Section 1-1a, para. 2”). Your initial response  (which is the answer to my question) should be completed by Saturday, February 16th at midnight.   In addition to this, you must post four additional substantive posts in response to your classmates’ messages (or to any of my posts). All posts on Discussion Board 1 must be made by midnight on February 19th.  For full participation board credit, you must post at least five posts (your initial response to my question and four responsive substantive posts to your classmates messages).  Make sure to carefully review what counts as a substantive post as set forth in the course syllabus.

Discussion Board 1