Disaster Recovery Homework.   
Exercise 5.1:Pick Backup software
1. Imagine a data center that has about 300 computers, roughly divided as 75% Windows, 20% Unix, and 5% running other operating systems.
2. Thinking back to the backup considerations, make a list of possible backup software to use in your data center.
3. Prioritize you list of backup software, using restore performance and options as your primary consideration.
4. Assuming a different primary consideration, such as price or some other feature of your choice, decide if your priorities would be different.
Project 4.2: branch testing your inventory
1. Develop a strategy for testing an inventory consisting of 300 systems with multiple operating systems, 30 personnel during normal duty hours, and IT infrastructure.
2. Your testing should cover at least the following troublesome area of asset classification: the “official” hardware inventory does not match a sampled inventory of the data center. For example, the official inventory of rack 15 shows 10 servers running Linux, but the actual rack contains 30 servers running a variety of operating systems.
Project 5.1: Develop a Complete Backup Solution.
1. Assume you have a large data center consisting of over 300 systems with multiple operating systems.
2. The entire data center produces approximately 10TB of data today, grows approximately 1TB per year. and only changes about 10% per week.
3. Develop a complete backup system for the data center that allows the organization to quickly recover any system to data no older than one week with tapes in the facility.

Disaster Recovery Homework