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Assignment 2:  Writing from Research and How Researcher Think (January 18-February 14, 2021 )
Read and Summarize Chapter 1,” Writing from Research” in Lester and Lester; Chapter 11″ What Research is and How Researchers Think about it” in Turabian; and Chapter 2 “Finding a Topic” in Lester and Lester. Start  reviewing the “Announcements” section to select your proposal topic.

Learning Objectives: After reading these chapters students should be able to:
Explain why research is done.
Understand the conventions of academic writing.
Understand what plagiarism is.
Understand the three kinds of questions researchers ask.

Discover ideas for a topic.
Refine their topics using an online subject directory.
Use the library’s online electronic database to find and narrow a subject.
Develop a thesis statement or hypothesis.
Draft a research proposal

Criminal homework help