Understanding Terrorism – Week 2 Assignment

Terrorist Group / Individual Initial Research – Revision

This essay continues your work from Week 1. You will work off your same Paper 1!
1.  First, make sure that you have revised your Week 1 Paper based on the feedback received from your instructor. Format and grammar errors should be corrected.
2.  Next, you will research and write about the causes behind your Group/Individual and the motivations behind their acts of terror. Be sure to tie you research in with the Theories that you learn from your textbook in for Weeks 1 and 2!
This adds to the body of your Week 1, between 1-2 pages.
1.  Introduction (from Paper One, now edited/revised)
2.  Body
a.  Origins and notoriety (from Paper One, now edited/revised)
b.  Primary causes of grievances and motivations to engage in terror (New research!)
c.  What Theory of Terrorism best explains this group/individual (Martin, Chapters 2 and 3)?
3.  Conclusion (from Paper One, now edited/revised)
Select TWO additional sources on your selected group/individual. Use the Grantham Library and EBSCO to assist.
It is very important to edit and revise your Week 1 paper! You will be graded on how well you incorporate the feedback your instructor provides you.
Your submission should now be a minimum of 4 pages excluding the Title Page and Reference Page. You will use APA Standard Format (1″ Margins, Times New Roman, 12-point Font, and Double Spacing. No extra space between paragraphs). In addition to the Textbook, you should have at least FOUR scholarly sources in your reference page and cited in the paper.