Credit Card Debt. Many people use credit cards and most of the time the credit card is not used in the right moment. I believe that credit cards are not beneficial because they aren’t used for the right things. It would be very different if they were used correctly, credit cards are to be used it case of an emergency,meaning not to be used when you are going to the 7-eleven to buy a bag of chips an a soda. It has shown that more than 75% percent of americans have been bankrupt or on the verge of it.
There are more than 60% of americans that have credit card debt because they are using them for the wrong things. Facts have proven that the total U. S. credit card debt, is $793. 1 Billion. and Average credit card debt per household is 15,799. Most people do not understand that when you have a credit card it comes with alot of responsibility and i say that because there are more than 10% of americans have been victims of credit card theft it may not seem like alot but credit card theft is a very serious thing.
Most complaints come from adults within the ages 40-59, Nevada, Colorado, and New Hampshire have the highest rate of credit card fraud. Having a credit card is not what people think it is; people think that if i have a credit card then i do not have to have money with me, and its just free money but its very dangerous to have a credit card. Having a credit card can lead to bankrupt and going bankrupt can make you lose everything such as your car, house, and etc. , or it could be worse an you could be placed in jail for a long time.
Just because you had a credit card and used it for the wrong thing and spent way to much money… A credit card is nothing but trouble each and every type of way. The credit card companies and banks are getting richer, while most Americans are getting more in debt. The economy is in trouble, therefore, more and more people are relying on credit cards. In today’s society we are constantly trying to get out of debt, but in the process of trying to get ourselves out of debt, we create more debt.
One of the major problems that most of us are dealing with is credit card debt. Most credit card companies are not looking out for your best interest. They are constantly raising interest rates. Minimum payments are just enough to cover the finance charges. Most Americans should not use credit cards for the following reasons: it will create bad spending habits; you will incur more debt affecting credit score rating; and possibly make you a victim of identity theft.
In my opinion, a credit card should be used for purchases that you are able to pay off in full upon receiving your statement, but most of us don’t. Most people lack self control and tend to misuse the credit card. Credit cards should mainly be used for emergencies, but we tend to use them for everyday purchases such as: food, gas, clothing, etc. Some people are living in a borrowed lifestyle, because they purchase things they can’t afford. People will spend more on a purchasing using a credit card than they would with cash. People that use credit cards tend to spend 12%-18% more on transactions than those who use cash (faithfitnessfinance. com). ” For example, if you are going to pay with a credit card in a fast food establishment, it is easier to get the large drink instead of the medium drink. When the statement arrives, most people will make the minimum payment on his/her credit card. The minimum payment only covers the finance charges, which will increase the amount of time it will take to pay the debt off. “It will also increase the amount of interest you end up paying

Credit Card Debt