>Computer Science homework help.

Just need 2 slides for “Steps to Implement” blockchain in “Retail” industry

Include the following areas in your presentation for each industry

  • 1. Overview of the industry
  • 2. Gap and issues in the industry
  • 3. Proposed Solution
  • 4. Steps to Implement
  • There should be a minimum of eight slides for the presentation.Here are more questions to consider.
    • A overview of the industry listed
      • Key industry players in the industry
    • What are three to five major business problems in the industry today?
    • Select ONE of these problems that can be solved using blockchain technology? (This is the overview to the use case)
    • What are five ways ways the problem can be solved using blockchain technology? (This is the details to the use case)
    • Who will the blockchain innovation impact in the organization?
      • You must explain – the what, how, why for each.
    • What is the cost associated with the innovation?
    • What do you foresee the outcome to be should the organization implement the blockchain technology innovation?
    • Are there any technical challenges/roadblocks that the organization should be aware of that may prevent a successful implementation?
    • Provide a clear and convincing closing to why this solution is the best way forward for the organization.

>Computer Science homework help