Computer Science homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic Marketing Management Class Discussion wk6.The other partner is viewed as an outsider and will have to spend more if they are to operate in the market. However, these disputes can be resolved by conciliation between the business partners or an agreement between the countries so that they provide favorable trading terms to the affected parties.Nevertheless, there must be a mutual agreement between the two nations if investments are to increase in the future. By an outsider partnering a local company, they increase the level of investment and improve productivity of the country. This investment creates more jobs to the population and helps the economy to grow (Cravens, & Piercy, 2008). Hence, the host nation will benefit more even if it is indirectly. Thus, they should provide the other partner with equal rights so that they share costs and profits equally. They will be motivated and increase their bilateral ties that are beneficial in the

Computer Science homework help