Computer Science homework help. Write a 4 pages paper on african-american nascar driver by frank scott. After he was declared the winner, he was only given the cheque and not the trophy. Frank reminisced how his father was not allowed to race at certain speedways, and also received death threats when he went to Atlanta. Eventually, his career ended due to lack of financial support (“African-American NASCAR Driver, 2015”).Such cases are not isolated since social prejudices are common elements that are experienced by the blacks in America. Being blacks in the land of whites, AAs do not receive the social support that is needed for a psychologically healthy life. Based on a study conducted on 591 AAs it has been found that positive social interactions can have an encouraging impact on the stress level of individuals. In the event of a social environment where all members are supportive and understanding, the concerned individual will have reduced possibility of depression whereas if one’s social circle consists of people who ridicule the individual or make snide remarks then there will be an increased possibility of a high level of depression. It has also been found that age is also a determining factor for stress among the AAs. According to the study, older AAs experience greater financial stress and traumatic events compared to their younger counterparts (Lincoln, Chatters & Taylor, 2005). Wendell Scott’s case is similarly an example whose exemplary performance as NASCAR driver was not acknowledged by the “white” officials. Towards the end of his life, he suffered for lack of financial resources as a result of which he died of cancer in the year 1990. Prior studies have confirmed that if people are subjected to negative social interactions, then its impact on psychology is even more intensive than the positive impact of social support. The lack of opportunities in the social events and competitions can have a major negative impact on the mental health of the AAs.

Computer Science homework help