Computer Science homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Strategic Procurement and Logistics.Trade obstacles have made the international market more incorporated as the obstacles and problems thwarting the free flow of goods and services become less.Organisational Behaviour is the orderly study of groups, persons and organisations to generate high-performing organisations that prompt high points of profits. People are the main significant benefits of the organisation based on behaviour. The organization and the surroundings contribute to a closed circle communication. Environment influences the organization followed by the production of a reaction from the organization, consequently finishing the cycle. It means that the outcome of the atmosphere on the organization cannot be entirely understood devoid of assessing the organizational reaction. Individual motivation, cooperation among groups and workers and the organisational civilization all add to the facts of organisational behaviour that assist in unlocking workers motivation, improvement and inspiration.This results in the creation of high performing organisations that produce high profits and output that uplift the community interests. Li & Fung Limited has ensured that nurturing a work culture in respect to the stakeholders, the organisation and the employee can be achievable in the progression.Li & Fung Limited has also embraced globalisation (Wu 2008). Globalisation is the rising of trade and industry interdependence of countries internationally through the escalating number of cross-border business of goods and services.The key issues that promote a good organisational environment include the even workflow in Li & Fung Limited organisation, which is facilitated by the attention given to the different sections in the organisation. This ensures that goods and services produced by the company are of high standards.The culture of this company observes the assumption and the principles shared amongst the members

Computer Science homework help