I think this is a terrific presentation that does a good job of discussing newspapers and which covers most, but not all, of the elements of the rubric. Your presentation makes some good connections between your topic and culture, particularly in terms of how it reflects and refracts the world around it. You also had some terrific visual aids that offered good support to your presentation. You used scholarly sources, and on many slides you had well-developed speaker notes. However, your speaker notes weren’t consistently developed, and on a few slides some of them were briefer than the slides they explained. The notes should be consistently developed and fully address each of the slides, making connections between slides and offering college-essay level analysis of each topic. I’d like to see one full paragraph per slide. You also need to be citing sources to support your notes and slides. I expect to see you making use of your minimum of five research sources from previous assignments to support your discussion.
Beyond this, you would benefit from a more engaging introduction that draws the reader into the presentation with a compelling fact, a fascinating example or anecdote to capture the audience’s interest.
Overall, though, this was great work, and I look forward to your final presentation