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A successful construction project is the one that brings out the best quality, and better use of time and economic resources. For the success of a construction project the quality management should provide the project with the related tools, techniques and procedures in a effective manner. Quality management isn’t an external factor, but an integration of all operational and managerial processes of the construction project. Quality planning, quality assurance and quality control are the major parts of a quality management. The paper includes the outcome of research methodology decided by authors based on interviews of project participants and analysis of data.
When it comes to quality, the construction industry is quite behind the other industries. This industry has always suffered from instability, productivity issues and low standards. This paper is aimed at investigating the quality issues in construction environment. In order to determine the best way for quality management practice, data has been collected for solicitation of information from the participants in the project by quantitative research strategy and questionnaire survey. The questionnaire survey is going to be carried out across various companies in the USA.  Various medium to large scale companies are taken into consideration for the collection of questionnaire samples for analysis. The results will be analyzed using SPSS and AHP software.