I need some assistance with these assignment. the myth and the reality of judaism Thank you in advance for the help! The religion is still in practice today and has influenced other world religions like Islam and Christianity.Unlike the other religions in the contemporary world, the central authority in Judaism does not lie in the hands of a single individual or group rather in holy writings, traditions, and learned Rabbis who give meaning to those writings and laws of the religion. Judaism has existed for thousands of years already but it remains loyal and true to most of its religious principles (Abrahams, 2008). Among its principles, the most important is the belief in one, omniscient, all-powerful, kind, encompassing God, who made the universe and continues to oversee it. The traditional Jewish faith states that the God who made the universe created a covenant with the Israelites and disclosed his laws and teachings to Moses on Mount Sinai in both the Written and Oral Torah forms, and the Jews are the progenies of the Israelites. It is the study and the observance of God’s laws and teachings, as indicated in the Torah and further explained in the Talmud, that the traditional practice of Judaism revolves (Abrahams, 2008).As mentioned, the most important teaching of Judaism is the principle of Monotheism, or Unity of God that serves as the foundation of the religion. The Jews’ faith in their one God is more than just being part of their religion. It is a passion and an inspiration that gives them the power and strength to endure tribulations and death.Many people believe that women are discriminated against in the religious practice of Judaism when Judaism points out that God has both masculine and feminine qualities. It is also said that both men and women are created in the image of God. This misunderstanding of inequality in men and women is interpreted by the higher power of men up until this very century (BBC, 2012).Most religions commemorate, or celebrate, with certain traditions. As for Jewish traditions, they have a collection of ritual objects. First is the Yarmulke. This is a small-cap that reminds the Jews that they must always live by the words of God at all times and in all places. Next, there is the Tefillin. This object is a small leather box that has straps attached that are worn on the left forearm and on the forehead. The inside of these boxes contains scriptures, including the Shema which are little prayers written in the Jewish language.

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