Business homework help. Write a 1 page essay on Professional/career goals.Since my childhood, I have had great interest in the business field since my parents have oriented me to it. They are business people. In preparation for these goals, I fastened my efforts since the time I joined Campus. I have participated in different Business Club on Campus such as the Leaders in investment Banking and Undergraduate Business Society to have a good background and general knowledge on this field. Moreover, I have taken programs and internship in insurance and wealth management to have some tangible experience. I have also taken an internship in Wall Street New York regarding investment banking where I was part of a live transaction in customer sector. I came to discover that work of hundred hours per week can have a near term financial impact. reason why I am still holding on.I will put more efforts in ensuring that my skills and knowledge are on the upper hand and ensure that my path towards my long-term career goal is not distracted. I plan to continue to take upper division courses in fields that deal with finance, economics, accounting, and business. In addition, I will ensure that I get involved in association that fall under the business field, attend workshops and be on toes to obtain more information on the current trends in the business field. I am hopeful that after my university education I will get a job so as enhance my skills and hence gain experience in the business field. I am optimistic that soon I will be able to have a strong stamina towards my career goals and produce a positive impact in the business

Business homework help