Business homework help. answer 1-5The California Coastal CommissionHow land is used and regulated in California has been a controversial issue throughout the history of the state. Cast your mind back to the Water Wars of the 1880s and the debate between those who sought riparian rights and those who sought prior appropriation. Think too of the controversies that swirled around the California Land Commission  (1850-1854) when it was established just after statehood. Think of the Mussel Slough disaster and the question of “Who owns California.” That question is as relevant now as it was back in the day — and just as controversial.In our supposedly more enlightened age, the use and regulation of coastal land and offshore resources are in the hands of the California Coastal Commission. For all that, few Californians know that the Commission exists. Why? How does the Commission’s decisions affect you and the environmental future of the state?To learn more about the Commission, please read more about it by clicking here: (Links to an external site.)The link will take you to the Commissions website. Once there, read the “Who We Are” page and investigate the site further. As you do, please answer the following questions, putting them with your earlier answers (on Brown) for your initial post. 1,How many voting coastal commissioners are there? 2,How are they appointed?  3,Where and when do they meet? How does this help or hinder their goals?  4,Find two recent articles on recent doings of the Commission — decisions taken or policies under review — and summarize them briefly. What is at stake in the Commission’s decisions? 5,Finally, more specifically, what is the status of off-shore oil drilling in California today?1. There are twelve voting coastal members; six of which are locally elected officials andthe other six are appointed from the public at large.2. The commission has six appointed commissioners….

Business homework help