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  • During your Kale (2014) readings this week, you were taken through an overview of the history of networking. One of the major achievements was the invention of the Transmission Control Protocol, also known as TCP/IP. Despite being invented way back in 1974, it has become the most significant transport protocol used across the Internet today.

Please describe the TPC/IP protocol, and the major advantage it gives over simple UDP. Then list at least seven protocols that use TCP/IP as their underlying means of transport.


  • In recent years cloud computing popularity has soared. It seems to be everywhere. The very system you are using to read this message (Blackboard) is cloud-based and sold using the “software as a service” (SAAS) model.

Despite its popularity, there are still some areas where cloud computing is not the best solution. Please research and give me three different scenarios where this is the case, and then provide details on the reasons why for each scenario?



Business & Finance homework help