Business & Finance homework help. BPI 601 – Assignment #4 – Process Analysis and Design – EPC Modeling 

Using ARIS Business Architect you are to create the TO-BE EPC Process model representing the pre-registration process for Process University as detailed below.   Indicate the roles for each activity.

Process Description:

Currently (AS-IS), the Graduate pre-registration process is as follows for Process University: – the goal is to have students select appropriate classes for the next semester as efficiently as possible without jeopardizing the business rules and prerequisite rules of the University.  These rules are as follows:

  • A student is not allowed to preregister until they have been officially accepted into the program.
  • If a student has an outstanding bill with the university they will not be able to preregister.
  • The Student is allowed to meet with a graduate adviser to advise course selection (even if they have an outstanding bill). (it is the student’s choice to do so)
  • Students must adhere to the prerequisites of classes – therefore each course selected must be checked to see if the student has completed the required prerequisites of each course pre-selected. Courses will not be approved until course prerequisites are satisfied.   In rare cases the student may get approval from administration if they do not have the appropriate prerequisites.
  • Once a course is approved, a seat in that course is assigned to the student if there are still seats available (if course is not closed) and the course is added to the roster of the student.
  • If a course is closed, the student may request a meeting with a graduate adviser to see if the student is eligible to be added into the course.
  • If a course is closed and the student does not wish to take further action, or the student was denied further action; the student is asked to select another course.
  • If the student opts not to complete the preregistration, the registrar (administration) and the student’s adviser are notified.

(TO-BE)  Process University will be implementing on-line pre-registration in the near future.  Design and model the TO-BE process with this in mind, however all the business rules listed above still must be maintained in addition to the new rule below.

  • A student is prompted and asked if they would like to register for another course, once the student has indicated they do not want to register for any more courses OR they have registered for the maximum number of courses (which is four), the system will print a list of courses they registered for.


  1. Using the EPC modeling methodology, design the TO-BE process modelfor the scenario described above. ** You MUST have at least one loop in this process


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