Business & Finance homework help.

This week, we will continue expanding our financial plan that we created in the previous weeks by answering the following questions.

1. Go to and go to the section on investing. Within that section, go to the information on bonds. Describe your rationale for investing or not investing in bonds.

2. Go to Click “Learn More” under “Buying and Selling Bonds,” and then click “Investor’s Checklist.” If you decide to invest in bonds, what strategy will you use?

3. Go to a web site such as, review the information on mutual funds that provides information about mutual funds. Choose two funds that meet your goal needs. What is your decision regarding mutual funds? Explain why they are or are not a good investment for you. If you decide to invest in mutual funds, what types of funds will you select? Why?

Have attached past 5 weeks 

Business & Finance homework help