Biology homework help. I don’t understand this article.? Cloud ComputingWhile far from a new trend in technology, cloud computing has been rapidly extending, to the current point where most people are storing their files on at least one such service, with at least 95% of respondents to a survey using some sort of cloud-based service. This technology creates the basis for a functional online classroom, as students now have access to their digital textbooks from any location, using any device. Teachers can also use this technology in order to upload important learning material such as videos or manuals and share them seamlessly with their students, thus reducing costs by removing the need for printing and copying. Another great example of cloud computing is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which most people use without even knowing. Microsoft’s free Office Online, as well as its paid Office 365 counterpart are shining examples of SaaS, allowing people to access, share and work on their documents from a large variety of devices.While there are many advanced uses for cloud computing that can be applied to education in order to improve the lives of teachers and students alike, one cannot overlook the most basic one: storing files on free services such as Google Drive, which offers 20 GB of storage for free, saves people money, as they do not need to purchase external hard drives.

Biology homework help