Biology homework help. GOLF CLASS REVIEW SHEET, PLEASE HELP THANKS THERE HAVE TRUE AND FALSE QUESTION AND MULTIPLE CHOICE, MATCHINGAttachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3True/False1.) If your group is playing to slow and not keeping up with pace of play, invite the groupfollowing yours to play through.2.) It is alright to leave your golf bag (or golf cart) at the front of the green as long as youmove it after completing the hole.3.) When your group has finished playing a hole, replace the flag stick, mark your scoreson the scorecard, then leave the green and go to the next tee area.4.) Never worry about replacing divots on the course or the putting green. That job is the soleresponsibility of the maintenance staff.5.) Watch the results of all the player’s shots in your group. If necessary, you can help search for alost ball.6.) After hitting a shot from the sand trap, a player should rake the sand, leaving the sand trapcondition as good as or better than you found it.7.) Golf rules are too complex to understand. In a game with your friends it is alright to change therules to increase the enjoyment.8.) A practice swing may be taken at any place on the course provided the player does not violateany rules applying to the area.9.) A ball lying on the putting green may always be lifted and cleaned (provided it is marked).10.) The highest score on the last hole has honors to hit first at the next tee.11.) Through the green, your ball is hit into casual water on the course. Without taking a penalty,you may lift and drop your within one club-length or nearest point of relief from the water butno nearer to the hole.12.) Through the green, immovable obstructions such as a sprinkler head or a cart path interferewith your stance or area of intended swing, you may, without taking a penalty, drop your golfball within one club-length or nearest point of relief from the obstruction but no nearer to thehole.13.) When a player grounds their club in the sand trap, the penalty is two (2) strokes.14.) A foursome played from the 1" tee in this order: A, B, C and D. The scores for the hole were:A-6, B-4, C-5, and D-4. On the 2"d hole the players should tee off in this order: D-1St, B-2nd, C-3d,and A-4th.15.) Player’s "A" ball is on the putting green 60 feet from the hole. Player’s "B" ball lies in thesand trap 40 feet from the hole. Player "A" should play first because his/her ball is furthestfrom the hole.16.) In stroke play, playing the wrong ball (any ball but your own) is a (1) stroke penalty.17.) Failure to mark your ball prior to lifting it while on the putting green is a one (1) stroke penalty._18.) If you accidently kick your ball while searching for a lost ball it is a one (1) stroke penalty.

Biology homework help