Biology homework help. Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Chemistry Lab report.In this lab, we aim to build a working model of a self heating cup using the heat released during an exothermic reaction. We shall also compare two chemical reactions to find which reactant causes water in the cup to reach higher temperature in a shorter duration.In our simulation of the self-heating cup, the heat energy from an exothermic reaction is used to heat water. Temperature of the water in the cup increases due to transfer of heat energy from the reaction to the cup through conduction. If there is no heat loss during the experiment,A plastic cup was covered with aluminum foil to prevent its melting on exposure to heat. Tap water (75 mL) was added to the cup. To prevent heat loss from the cup, a lid made of aluminum foil was placed over the cup and two holes were made to the lid. Through one hole in the lid, a digital thermometer was placed to record temperature of water in the cup. The digital thermometer was connected to a data logger in order to record the temperature and to plot a temperature-time graph. A glass rod was placed through the other hole for stirring.The outer walls and bottom of a clean beaker were covered by aluminum foil in order to prevent heat loss during the reaction. Anhydrous calcium chloride (61.95 g) was added to the beaker. Water to be added to the calcium chloride was measured (61 mL) and kept handy. Just before placing the cup on the beaker, the recording of temperature of water in the cup was started. Water was added to calcium chloride in the beaker and immediately, the cup was placed on the beaker, touching the solution. Temperature was recorded for 10 minutes, with constant stirring using the glass rod. The stirring is essential to ensure even heating of water in the cup.A new cup and beaker were readied in a similar manner. To the new beaker, copper sulfate (9.25 g) and zinc powder (4.8 g) were added. When the apparatus was set up, 5 mL

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