Need an research paper on strategic marketing plan bellway plc. Needs to be 18 pages. Please no plagiarism. The construction division was even able to showcase an operating profit of 13.7m as well. This indicates that situation might not be as bad as it appears.In fact if we take a look at the developments of past couple of years, it appears amply clears that the levels of profit margin which used to be the trademark of this industry are no more available to the industry. Increasing levels of competition, more assertive consumers, increasing emphasis on quality, strict norms for deadline adherence, dynamic nature of business proposition etc are some of the factors which have led to the shrinking of profit margins in the industry. Pettinger (1998) also underlined the fact that the industry is now increasingly being dominated by client groups and peer pressure with too many contractors chasing too little work in the industry. The trend coupled with indications of imminent recession has become a cause of worry for the industry. Gilmore and Jordan (2008) also reported that the construction sector in UK has slumped to new lows with deteriorating conditions in the housing market. As the construction sector comprises of 6 percent of British economy, and if this significant sector is not able to contribute its bit towards nation’s economy, then the country’s economy will also come under pressure.Therefore under the circumstances the construction companies are supposed to tread a cautions path with well planned strategic moves. This study is an effort to chalk out a course of action for Bellway Plc under the prevailing circumstances. Well, the times are indeed quite uncertain and nobody knows how things are going to shape up in the next 6-12 months, which in turn calls for planning with short term moves. Such a move might be suitable for a corner shop or for a small scale enterprise, but for a company with a successful track record of operation for last more than 50 years, planning exclusively for short term gains might not be a wise move from a long term perspective.While devising a marketing plan for Bellway Plc for the coming years, we need to think about two broad strategies.i. How Bellway will take on the competitionii. How the company will remain in business with prevailing recessionary trendsiii. How the day to day operations will be executed to supplement the marketing plan.A marketing plan for Bellway Plc forms an integral part of its broader business plan implying in words and numbers how, where and to whom Bellway proposes to offer its services to its existing as well as prospective customer under the highly challenging circumstances. This paper is an effort to outline the company’s approach not only in attracting potential customer, but also in convincing the existing customers to remain with the company for their future needs as well. In general the components of a marketing plan may include:1. Terms of Reference: Bellway requires a feel of the market, particularly after the recessionary trends have started showing signs of serious nature with impact on the overall economy. Though the major area of operation of Bellway Plc is UK only and it doesn’t have big stakes in the international arena. But the impact of international markets and economic conditions in other countries will certainly have an impact on the UK economy, which in turn will affect the profitability of the company. Therefore, while analysing the domestic market, analysing the global cues is equally important.2.

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