Reply to two other students inquiries.

  • Your replies could be additional information from your personal experience this past term OR researched articles, videos, and/or worksheets you found with highlights and explanations as to how these resources connect with the post you are replying to.
  • If you are offering a personal experience, you will need to describe your context, what you did, and the desired outcome that came to be as a result of your action.
  • If you are offering resources, you will need to post links to the resources, highlight important/relevant sections, and explain why you think this resource will offer further insight to the topic/skill/strategy described in the original post.
  • One of your replies MUST be a search for a resource(s). You may post two replies that are researched based. You may not post two replies that are personal experience based.
  • Be sure to include details and context in your replies to ensure others fully understand the resource you are offering.
  • Each response needs to be between 500 – 550 words (Do not count links to resources in your word count)
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