Sermon Assignment.
Romans 3:21-31 is the assigned a passage from which to construct your sermon project. 
Compose the first part of your sermon according to your reading in Invitation to Biblical Preaching and these instructions. Write this assignment out in full sentences. Be careful to answer each question asked or supply each section called for in these instructions. 3 sources are required for the Passage Outline section. Be sure that you cite these sources appropriately in Turabian style format.
Use a title page for this assignment that gives the Assignment Title, your Name, the Course Name, the Semester, and the biblical passage on which your lesson is based.
1. [Not written out for this assignment] Study the passage for your sermon by reading it over several times and taking notes. Make observational notes of the passage’s historical/cultural setting, context (within the larger chapter or book), structure (organization of the thought/rhetoric). Record Relevant questions as you read the text. Do not reproduce your raw observations/questions in this assignment.
Consult at least 3 exegetical commentaries or larger Bible Dictionaries, etc. to assess your observations and answer questions. You will use at least some of this information in the Passage Outline section of this assignment.
2. State your target audience (the people you expect to [or you would like to] hear this sermon.
3. Passage Outline:
· Identify the writer’s “big hunk” ideas as the main points of your outline.
· Show the smaller, supporting ideas in the passage as sub-points in your outline.
· Put the outlined concepts into the author’s original thought order.
· Within the outline:
o Explain important words, ideas, and relevant cultural background in short paragraphs.
o Cite the sources you use to gain this information in proper Turabian style.
4. Truth Outline:
· Re-phrase the major points (the “big hunk” ideas) of the passage outline into “timeless truths.”
· Explain why you put these points in the way you do in a paragraph.
5. State the “Take-Home Truth.”
· Explain why you have chosen this truth as the one idea that you want your students to take with them.
6. Explain your method for applying your “take-home truth.”
· Your method must encourage a specific, active response by your listeners.
· Write out how you will apply the take-home truth in full.