prof sherry, please focus on this one please, write as require, i ordered most of class work from u and u know clearly about the class and the novel because u wrote 2 essays for me, please focus on this, both essays u have done graded with C and i will fail if im not getting the grade for this, so please i paid alot of money for this class and i don’t want to fail.
– read everything in this assignment.
– my books for this class is: “ what lies between us“ and “critical theory today”
– please write 300 words for each step 1-5, for step 6 write 700 words.
– write each step separate, i will submit them separately.
step #1  -300 words
step #2  -300 words
step #3  -300 words
step #4  -300 words
step #5  -300 words
step #6 -700 words
Step #1 prompt – In a 300-word response, describe your current thoughts about the novel.
Step #2 prompt – In a 300-word response, review your response to step #1. How have you thoughts and feelings about the novel changed or developed over the course of the semester? What do you think is the primary cause of those changes?
Step #3 prompt – In a 300-word response, describe what parts of your identity might have shaped your initial thoughts and feeling about the book. What about who you are allowed you to connect with the text? Do you see anything about yourself in the characters or story? Do you see something that is totally the opposite from you?
Step #4 prompt – In a 300-word response, reflect on how your reviewing of your peers’ responses to the discussion questions over the course of the semester has shaped your thinking about the text. Can you recall a specific moment when someone wrote something about the text that caused you to think differently about the characters or novel? How much do you think your understanding of the novel has been shaped by what others have said? How much do you think the meaning has been made collectively?
Step #5 prompt – Review your previous five responses and write a 300-word response that summarizes your primary takeaways from this process of reflecting on your experience as a reader.
Step #6 – Final Essay Prompt – Review your previous responses and reflect upon your thoughts about the novel and the semester and write a formal essay of approximately  700 words that discusses what the novel means to you and how that meaning has been shaped by your identity and by your experience with this class, the theories, and your peers.
You have only  12 HOURS to do this, please don’t be late