Article writing homework help.


See the essay grading rubric below:


[10]Does the essay meet the assignment criteria in terms of subject matter? Are the ideas presented appropriate for the assignment? Does the essay meet the minimum page length?Conventions

[10]Does the essay use proper sentence structure, commas, pronouns, etc.? Does it avoid grammatical errors: fragments, contractions, tense shifts, spelling mistakes, etc.? Did the essay meet the assignment criteria in both format and appearance?
Correct MLA formatting? Proper citations?Coherence/ Structure


Does the essay have a clear, well-structured thesis? Does each body paragraph include one main idea that points the reader back to the thesis?  Does the essay avoid repetition?  Does it employ tight, polished paragraphs containing one main idea in the correct format or are ideas just thrown together?  Are there effective transitions? (Does it “flow” well?) Does the essay contain a strong backbone/ structure?  Does it use the intro. well? Does the essay contain a solid conclusion that wraps up the paper?Critical Thinking

[15]Does the paper provide adequate proof for the argument? (Quotations or paraphrase, research, expert opinions, statistics, examples, details, etc.?) How advanced is the essay? Does it explore new ideas that challenge both the writer and reader or simply regurgitate class discussions?  Does the essay contain strong, unique ideas that go beyond surface-level?Does the argument make a logical connection between the thesis, topic sentences, and examples/proof? (i.e. Does it “connect-the-dots” between claims made in the thesis and examples for that claim?)                                                                                                                                                Total Pts.               / 50               X 2 =           /100

Article writing homework help